The Episcopal Church welcomes you!

We invite you to join us in walking the Way of Love as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Service Times

Services are in person at 9am Sunday

The Book of Common Prayer and the Bible

In the Episcopal Church, the Book of Common Prayer (or BCP for short) and the Bible are the foundations of our worship life.

In the BCP, you will find the services of the Daily Office – Morning and Evening Prayer – and the Holy Eucharist (also called Holy Communion or the Mass).

We also use the BCP for Baptism and Confirmation, for special services during Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, for prayers with the sick, for weddings, and for funerals.

Every service in the Episcopal Church is soaked in the words of the Scriptures. In the services of the Daily Office and in the Eucharist, we follow a schedule of readings called a lectionary so we know what lessons from the Bible will be read at that particular service.

Weekly Services

Sunday at 9am services


Fr. James Biegler is our (Supply Priest) and celebrates the Holy Eucharist, assisted by Deacon Deb Heckel and by various lay people who read the lessons, serve as acolytes, carry the incense, serve as ushers, or set up and clean up before and after each service.

Lay people pray the Daily Office at home and also lead the services at church.

A Supply Priest normally officiates at Baptism and at weddings. Either a Supply Priest or Deacon Heckel can officiate at funeral services.

Weekly Services